Alexa, Open ASICS Studio

Exercise shouldn’t be complicated. Our goal at ASICS Studio is to make working out possible, even on your busiest days. This is why we’ve teamed up with Amazon to create the ASICS Studio 20-minute workout skill for Alexa!

Now anyone can easily install our skill on an Alexa-enabled device and say “Alexa, open ASICS Studio,” to jump right in to a bodyweight class that changes each day. Our app is audio-based, so it’s easy to follow along to our classes—but we have a video component, too, if you have an Echo Show or Echo Spot.

For this skill, we’ve hand-selected workouts that require no equipment and take just 20 minutes, so you can get a sweat in at home, on vacation or at your parents’ house—as long as Alexa’s nearby. And if you’re already an ASICS Studio app devotee, this is a great way to get friends and family to try a workout with us—no subscription or equipment required.

This skill is a fun new way to supplement your workout routine—and don’t forget there are even more workouts available in the ASICS Studio app for iPhone!