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Alexa, Open ASICS Studio

Alexa, Open ASICS Studio Exercise shouldn’t be complicated. Our goal at ASICS Studio is to make working out possible, even on your busiest days. This is why we’ve teamed up with Amazon to create the ASICS Studio 20-minute workout skill for Alexa! Now anyone can easily install our skill on an Alexa-enabled device and say…
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Hollywood, Here We Come

Hollywood, Here We Come. We love being part of the Boston community—but we decided that the west coast needed some loving, too. Why California, you ask? Not only is it full of positive people packed full with Vitamin D and smiles, but it’s home to all sorts of fitness enthusiasts. After much searching, we found…

Sleep Tips: Quick Fixes for Better Zs

Quick Tips for Better Sleep You rallied for a 6AM spin class to get the jitters out for a 10AM presentation (which you crushed), powered through the afternoon and met some friends out for a cocktail in the evening. After an exhausting day, you find yourself dreaming about your pillow by sunset. However, as you…

When in Doubt, Foam Roll it Out

Foam rollers—you’ve seen them at the gym, loitering around the ab mats. They seem innocent enough, so why does everyone using them look like they’re in major pain? Also known as a myofascial release, foam rollers loosen up tight muscles, relieve soreness and improve muscle recovery. Our bodies are covered in fascia—it’s like a band…

How to Order Healthy at Brunch

How to Order Healthy at Brunch It’s Saturday and you’ve just sat down for brunch with some friends after a hectic week of work, exercise, networking—you know, all those stressful life things. On weekends it’s easy to stray from our diets and workout regimes, especially with the temptation of weekend outings. With mimosas, appetizers and...
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Introducing ASICS Studio™

We’ve always believed that a workout doesn’t have to be intense or intimidating to be effective. Fitness should be fun—otherwise, it makes it pretty hard to stick with. (Or is that just us?) It’s a big reason why we’ve always loved our group fitness classes. Great trainers, built-in accountability, and measurable results in a social setting can be incredibly motivating. But… those classes can also be expensive. And they don’t always fit our schedules.That’s why we’re super excited to announce our newest fitness app: ASICS Studio.
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